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IHSO authentication is approval and identification of the knowledge, ability and experience to all kinds of professional and technical personnel. IHSO job credentials indicate obtain grade competence in the trade, person of card. Is it grasping relevant degree, ability rank that competence up to in practice of knowledge card personnel to prove? Or our country no matter abroad, the job qualification has already been become the focus that enterprises and institutions have fought for talent resources by card personnel. Register international commercial manager job credentials show owner experience and solid foundation of education received in the specialty or the technical ability, register international job knowledge and achievement, person who receives same trade and high respect of employing unit, representative of title, of qualification. Card personnel, what you join one upper reaches colony of winner as one registration international job qualification, and abundant together with them and create your career. IHSO authentication shows the world level of current job qualification authentication, has authoritativeness and representativeness. The authenticating examination of the qualification to participate in IHSO job can offer a series of important benefits to individual and enterprises and institutions:

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