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Benefits in Individual

After the authentication applicant obtains the certificate, the personal materials are kept and located in IBCA forever.

IHSO authentication qualification get most WTO member state government and approval of trans- corporation, winning IHSO authentication will help you to march toward the new chance to extricate oneself from awkward position of the career.

National enterprises manage the management office of talent bank and set up achievement blocking case in putting personnel in storage, prove according to achievement that management office provide can employ as employing unit, examine, promote, important basis that professional title evaluates.
Collect evidence to all person offers and prove and look over talent's achievement blocking case on the net. Names of personnel according to collecting evidence, ID card number, certificate serial number can check the credentials and achievement file materials on China national talents network, international commercial authentication association's website separately.

Our student can participate in various kinds of lectures, forums that IHSO organizes favorably after obtaining the certificate. IHSO should obtain application of unit, personnel of card, to quality it's managed, serve, etc. being favorable to go through the authentication formalities.

After obtaining the certificate, become the individual member in IHSO the Asian-Pacific area free, extend people pulse resources for you, and establish the exchange and cooperative platform.

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