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            The brief introduction

Int’l HR Service-standardization org. is a global accreditation organization which is also a non-profits organization. The IHSO was registered in the United States. It is a professional organization to deal with the certificate of occupation qualifications and HR SERVICE.......


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IHSO authentication is approval and identification of the knowledge, ability and experience to all kinds of professional and technical personnel. IHSO job credentials indicate obtain grade competence in the trade, person of card. Is it grasping relevant degree, ability rank that ......


To communicate with international organizations, foreign embassies, foreign news agencies, foreign chambers of commerce and multinational enterprises; To communicate with......


After the authentication applicant obtains the certificate, the personal materials are kept and located in IBCA forever. ......



IHSO was founded in 2006. We have our facility in China and we have our office in HONGKONG after 2years rapid development.  ......


Influential experts

Dr. Brendly Clark
PhD, University of Florida, 1978;
MBA, University of Florida, 1975;
BA, Brigham Young

Dr. Mark Roselli
PhD, University of Wisconsin, 1968;
MS, University of Wisconsin, 1966;
BS, University of Wisconsin, 1964

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